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About AerospaceComputing, Inc.

AerospaceComputing, Inc. (ACI) is a small business engineering firm, that was established in 1989 to conduct research and analysis for various customers both in public and private sectors; with NASA Ames Research Center as one of ACI's major customer. ACI has expanded its customer base to include other NASA Centers, Department of Defense and other customers in public sector as well as in private sector. Currently ACI supports wide areas of Research, Science, Engineering and Information Technology.

Mission Statement

  • Advance state-of-the-art

Our management philosophy is to empower our employees to work independently, encouraging them to achieve their full potential and work in partnership with their customers. This environment of mutual trust and respect is not only appreciated by our staff, but also by our customers. As noted by one long-time NASA customer. ACI staff are treated as independent researchers, not typical contractors who have to be given marching orders..

Value Statement

1)  Integrity and honesty
2)  Responsiveness to our customer requirements
3)  Fairness to our staff
4)  High performance
5)  Innovative solutions through creativity

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