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ACI Capabilities
     - Image Processing

ACI has developed and applied image processing techniques to many applications to analyze a wide variety of physics, from pressure and heat distributions to aerodynamics of free-flying objects. The CADRA system described in Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics section is a good example.

RBOS was used to trace density gradients of vortices shed from a full scale UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter rotor in two different tests. This involved interfacing with the NFAC and ensuring compliance with Air Force procedures; design, build and install the large calibration objects used; operate the RBOS system during the test; and design and build a periscope that replaced one of the ceiling lights with a camera.

Using this technique, ACI personnel captured the flow/flame structure of the rocket motor plume, normally undetectable by conventional instrumentation and imaging system. The images from multiple, high-resolution, high-speed video cameras are .fused. to increase the dynamic range of available photo sensors dramatically. The technique captures very low luminescent to very high luminescent areas of the rocket plume.

Peregrine hybrid rocket motor plume acquired at 1000 frames per second. The image on the upper right-hand corner shows a video acquired by a single video camera in a normal fashion. The highly luminous part of the rocket plume saturates the video sensor, which results in a white, washed-out image that shows no structure. The fused image below clearly shows varying luminosity, which is a function of flow parameters such as temperature, density, etc.

 Movie : Peregrine Hybrid Rocket

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